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illustration & photography.

here's some slightly more traditional media.


a selection of illustrations from over the years. a more comprehensive listing can be found at my art blog. six feats under fanart [self, 2012-2013], splatoon 2 fanart [self, 2018], secret santa poster illustration [self, 2012].


a movie poster for a student film by jake bann [commission, 2012], and a vareity of travel-inspired posters for a new jersey bicycle store. the knapp's posters created while i interned at [stunt double, 2013].

photo 1

photos for a photography course [tcnj, 2012]. shots taken in manasquan, new jersey and trenton, new jersey. i have no idea who those kids are in the first one there but it's my favorite of the bunch.

instagram selects

i have a particular affinity for weird out-of-context phrases. [self, 2014]